Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness Corporate Wellness
Length: 4 hours
Price: $320


  • Likewise, you will have access to valuable information for your personal and work life, also helping you to implement this knowledge and practice in your virtual teams to improve the work environment and the conditions there.


  • Improve the corporate wellness of your team.
  • Learn the levels of integrated health and how to achieve a balance between them.
  • Improve your daily habits to avoid sudden health problems, and do the same for your virtual team.

Perfect for

  • Team leaders and people interested in looking out for and maintaining the health of their team members through effective, lasting strategies.


A team's performance can be improved drastically by keeping the wellbeing and health of the individuals and the group well balanced and strong. Otherwise, it is very plausible to notice certain "rumblings" or "rifts" cropping up in the work dynamics, results and interpersonal relations. Avoiding situations like this requires taking time out to consider the corporate wellness of your business, and keeping an eye on this important factor to produce optimal output and stop any negative effects.

This course contains an innovative proposal as far as the way health is looked on. Right off, it proposes an integral core made up by several levels that function together as a unit and a whole. These levels of corporate wellness are:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual

The assumption of this approach is that health entails these various levels and would be understood from an ecobiopsychosocial perspective. In this course, you will be able to identify how each level of your health manifests itself, and also offers some advisable guidelines for keeping balance and unity between all the levels that are continuously interacting.

You will be able to identify factors that might be affecting the health and wellbeing of your work team, and learn effective strategies for improving and fixing the corporate wellness. You will also have a series of preventive recommendations to keep it from turning up again.

The course will also improve your understanding of the concept of collective health, separate from individual health. The trick is in how a person can pass on wellbeing and health to people in both the work and personal environment. Moreover, it's a benefit that a person can receive from their environment. These are known as the Salutogenic Networks, or network of people who make the others in their network healthy. You will be able to identify the salutogenic networks around you, and use them to maintain the corporate wellness and excellent health at all levels.

  • Did you know?:

    Did you know that a healthy work team can perform their responsibilities at work better? The operation of the work team is a reflection of its health, and vice versa. The body reflects what's going on inside and outside it. What's more, a team is constantly talking about what's going on within it.

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