Why pay attention to the mental and emotional well-being of your remote team?

The psychological well-being of employees is a vital element in the successful management of virtual teams. The main benefits are:

  • Better relationships in work teams.
  • Higher rates of job satisfaction.
  • Organizational climate improvement.
  • Higher performance and productivity of employees.
  • Success in the processes within the company.
  • Internal and external communication improvement.
What is our mental and emotional well-being service for companies?
  1. First step: Our journey together begins when you share with us your concerns about the psychological well-being of your employees and how it is affecting their performance and relationships with other colleagues.

  2. Construction of an action plan: We recognize that no one knows your team better than you. We listen to you and thus we know the current situation of your team. Through a diagnosis we evaluate what your workers need. We jointly design solutions aimed at psychological well-being and the needs of your company taking into account the virtual work context.

  3. Various approaches and specialties: We have a network of expert psychologists in different fields:
    o    Organizational culture and climate.
    o    Systemic psychology for organizational change.
    o    Positive psychology and happiness coaching.
    o    Mindfulness.
    o    Emotional management and expressive arts.
    o    Duels and losses.
    o    Conflict resolution.
    o    ARL Methodology.
    o    Motivation, leadership and sense of belonging.
    o    Multicultural, diverse and inclusive work environments.
    o    Conciliation between family, upbringing and work.
    o    Crisis intervention.
    o    Personal, group, couple and family development processes.

  4. Implementation: Our expert professionals will accompany you in the different activities of the action plan designed for you. We will offer you the following online services:
    o    Organizational consulting.
    o    Group accompaniment.
    o    Psychological counseling (individual, group, couple, family).
    o    Workshops, experiential courses and reflective meetings.
    o    Conversations, conferences and motivational talks.
    o    Processes of transformation and personal and group development.

With our mental and emotional well-being services for companies, we support the commitment of organizations to the psychological and organizational well-being of their employees in a remote environment..

PPI Model

Our PPI Model (promotion, prevention and intervention) was developed by our team of expert psychologists. Through a diagnostic process, we take as a starting point the current mental and emotional state of the work teams and design solutions tailored to your organization. These solutions will allow you::

  • Promote good business and personal practices in mental and emotional health, achieving a positive development of the organizational climate in your company.
  • Prevent bad practices and enhance organizational resources.
  • Intervene and alleviate human suffering and organizational malaise in those cases where bad practices in mental health have been settling within the corporate culture.
The main asset of companies are people!

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