What is one-to-one consulting?
  1. Contact us: we start when you contact MVT with a specific situation that worries you and we bring all of our experience to solve it and to improve the situation of your remote team.
  2. Create an action plan: we meet with your team. Through experience, creativity and knowledge we create an action plan that fits your needs.
  3. Implementation: we apply the strategies to the team: proesses, tools and dinamics.

A team of remote work experts show you the most effective tools for recruiting virtual teams, managing personnel and how to achieve your business objectives. You can also count on our team of clinical psycologist and experts in Project Management in different methodologies, including Agile.

Work with us and safe time and frustrations. Your company is going to safe money and minimize the rist of making mistakes that can have a negative effect in your team.



Benefits of one-to-one consulting

For Project Managers and Team Leaders

  • Reduce misunderstandings between team members.
  • Improve communications using the proper technology and processes.
  • Comfortably work with a team in different time zones..
  • Understand how to work with people from different cultures.
  • Implement changes to keep your teams motivated and reduce turnover.

For Team Members

  • Break the isolation and stay connected.
  • Stay motivated even when you are far from your team.
  • Improve communications with the rest of the remote team.
  • A second set of experienced eyes always sees solutions you haven’t thought of!

For Human Resources professionals

  • Build virtual teams that are tailored for your needs.
  • Learn what to look for when you hire remote employees.
  • Discover new software to increase productivity and communication.
  • Train virtual teams in an efficient way taking into account the virtual constrains.
  • Learn about the best team activities for distributed teams.A second set of experienced eyes always sees solutions you haven’t thought of.

Josep Molina“Managing Virtual Teams helped us create a 100% remote team. They gave us tools, strategies and taught us how to work remotely. Now we have a team working seamlessly in different time zones. The accountibility has really improved and the team members are visibly motivated. ”
Josep Molina - CEO Molina Visuals

Your team can work as well as in the office

If you are a business or enterprise that employs virtual workers and teams, you’re probably encountering the same problems or similar problems as everyone else.

  • Virtual workers require both less and extra care. You don’t have to put a roof over them, and you don’t have to support them with a break room, but you do need to make sure that they are both motivated and doing a good job. MVT one-to-one consulting not only trains your managers and suggests workflows, it also plans and can even direct your team activities.
  • Communications among virtual teams can also be difficult to achieve on your own. MVT has experience designing and implementing workflows, management tools, and communication standards that make your business hum. Invite us to a one-to-one consulting so we can analyze your business.
  • Remote recruitment has its own caveats as well. If you aren’t putting yourself in a position to succeed in terms of human investment, you’ll struggle. MTV analyzes your processes from beginning to end in order to help you recruit better team members.
  • Training is important not only for new team members, but for old ones. If you need somebody to shadow your trainings and review your materials/methods, MVT one-to-one consulting is for you.

MVT has more than a decade of experience building and managing remote teams, which is to say since the beginning of mainstream remote work. MVT has managed large virtual teams.


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