Virtual Teamwork

Virtual Teamwork Virtual Teamwork
Length: 4 hours
Price: $420


  • Promote the teamwork in the companies.
  • Identify the team process and useful ways to implement it.
  • Identify the team power and its advantages.
  • Give some useful tips and tools to improve the teamwork.


  • Learn how to incentivize teamwork in a virtual environment.
  • Find out all of the skills your virtual team has so you can better assign roles, responsibilities and set common objectives for your team members.
  • Improve the organization and cohesion of your virtual work team and find ways to improve your management tools.

Perfect for

  • Team leaders and people interested in improving teamwork, learning efficient strategies for increasing synergy in the work team, improving the organizational environment at the company and achieving improved results in their projects.


This course is designed to show you the essential elements that you need to promote virtual teamwork. You will learn the definition of teamwork and specific steps to utilize it properly in your work, such as:

  • Establishing basic ground rules
  • Defining common objectives
  • Assigning roles and responsibilities for each person
  • Building the team's trust and sense of belonging
  • Strengthen collaboration
  • Promoting the channels of communication and participation

You will learn effective strategies that allow you to:

  • Track your team and maintain synergy between them
  • Create processes that encourage a sense of belonging to the team and to the company
  • Achieve the set objectives and the best results together and as a unit.
  • Generate networking to foment all skills and resources of all members of the virtual work team.

Through practical and experiential exercises, you will become able to recognize your virtual team's potential, and create strategies to incentivize the development of its resources. You will also be able to channel their skills, creating a space for personal, professional and job growth.

  • Did you know?:

    "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts," working on a virtual team is about a unit.

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