Teambuilding Tools and Ideas to Motivate your Virtual Team

Teambuilding Tools and Ideas to Motivate your Virtual Team Teambuilding Tools and Ideas to Motivate your Virtual Team
Length: 2 hours
Price: $240


  • At the end of the course you will have the information and knowledge you need to create fun spaces for your virtual team, using them to promote employee cohesion and well-being at your company.


  • Learn the advantages and importance of creating fun spaces for your team.
  • Learn to design and implement fun strategies adapted to the current situation of your virtual team.
  • Get motivational and teambuilding ideas and examples of fun tools that will allow you to deepen your understanding of the subject, and will be helpful in creating your own ideas.

Perfect for

  • Team leaders or people who manage virtual work teams and are interested in maximizing positive motivation and teamwork through fun tools.


In the majority of teams where the members share common work space things tend to get a bit cramped and stale, and there comes a point where work relationships are in need of some freshening up through the introduction of new alternative types of gatherings that aren't necessarily work-related. Virtual teams are no exception, in fact they too are in a setting where things can easily become predictable and repetitive, and what's needed are creative strategies and ideas to motivate the team and work on teambuilding.

This course offers several proposals on creating fun spaces and team building activities where virtual teams can congregate and interact over things that don't have to do with work, and just relax and unwind to rejuvenate the work environment.

The fun space encourages:

  • Sharing and strengthening bonds
  • Getting to one another better
  • Building the commitment to the team
  • Cultural interaction
  • Promoting teamwork
  • Having fun and leaving the routine
  • Boosting the well-being and comfort of the team
  • Increasing motivation

Through practical exercises adapted to your company's current situation, you will gain valuable ideas for motivating, teambuilding and different ways to implement fun strategies in your virtual team. You will become familiar with existing tools and examples, but at the same time you can design your own strategies for things like:

  • Breaking the ice
  • Contests that promote team integration
  • Multicultural gatherings
  • Virtual events
  • Virtual activities
  • Playful congregations
  • Company newsletter
  • Did you know?:

    Did you know that fun spaces can help improve motivation and well-being among the virtual team? Fun activities are the equivalent of field trips or in person business events, the difference is that here they are held in a virtual fun space.

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