How to Execute A Successful Employee Training: Preparing for The Job

How to Execute A Successful Employee Training: Preparing for The Job How to Execute A Successful Employee Training: Preparing for The Job
Length: 4 hours
Price: $420


  • Working with the latest work trends and all current alternatives for organizing a work team, this course provides a series of tools for employee training and preparing virtual teams for work.


  • Improve your strategies for training and preparing your work team using an innovative methodology that encourages active participation and continuous knowledge building through reciprocity.
  • Be able to improve the tools and elements you use to conduct virtual training.
  • Receive effective recommendations and advice for holding personnel training, leveraging this space to enrich the knowledge, skills and motivation of your virtual team.
  • Add to the material you have with valuable information that will help you hold successful training.

Perfect for

  • Team leaders or people with experience in conducting online training, and are interested in improving their skills and learning more tools to help with this task.


Participative approach:

Employee training does not mean loading information and knowledge into the mind of a person about to embark on their collaboration on a project as though they were a container. Quite the contrary, it is about setting up a framework of relations, motivation and learning that makes the training a space for participative instruction and creation of thought, where both parties are contributing to the process. In this course you will learn some ideal techniques for teaching and passing on knowledge, that will also lay out the full training process as a series of phases in which the trainee is monitored, making for a more sound process of learning and instruction during the work training.

You also become acquainted with the characteristics and recommendations to keep in mind during training, such as:

  • Setting of the session
  • Empathy
  • Coherence
  • Clarity
  • Active participation
  • Feedback
  • Questions: critical thinking

Teaching methodology:

This method will allow you to learn valuable guidelines for teaching that should prove highly useful when conducting employee trainings. The methodology is above all geared towards collective knowledge building, that is, the instructor possesses the information, experience and knowledge to pass on, but at the same time during the process he or she also welcomes valuable contributions and resources for the project from others. The proposal is to teach while continuously incorporating new ideas and keeping it a two-way street.

This way, the entire team is invited to assist in constructing knowledge. This helps combat a sense of contentment, by consistently generating new ideas for improving the quality of work, in a constantly evolving cause that all team members contribute to.

At the end of the course you will have the tools you need to conduct successful employee training with virtual work teams in an efficient, optimum manner.

New Ways to Reach Out

The virtual work mode involves new ways of reaching out. From the first contact you have with the people on your virtual team you need to use the proper tact and care. Training personnel is essential if your intention is to build the knowledge, skills and talents of your virtual team.

This course is targeted to people who have virtual teams and are interested in improving their skills and abilities through the use of virtual personnel training. A person never stops learning, especially true in this ever changing online medium. This the perfect opportunity to upgrade the technical, conceptual and methodological tools you use to conduct online training.

Some aspects that are covered in the course are:

  • The key rules of a good trainer
  • The perfect virtual environment for training
  • Dynamic and interactive training
  • Dynamic and bidirectional learning and education
  • The trainee as knowledge builder
  • Tools for virtual instruction

Through practical activities, you will be able to:

  • Recognize the points of the training process
  • Teach and learn in a fun way
  • Know how to pass on knowledge
  • Did you know?:

    Did you know that personnel training are the fuel of the work team? Broadening the knowledge and training strategies in a virtual team keeps it in a state of constant growth and improvement.

    Poorly conducted training can lead to a poorly executed project. Training is the starting point and the foundation for tomorrow's results.

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