The power of being proactive

The power of being proactive The power of being proactive
Length: 3 hours
Price: $320


  • This course will give you the knowledge and tools you need to know about business enterprise and innovation to keep your ideas from dying on the page, and instead use them to be proactive and projects.


  • You will be able to identify the proactive power of ideas and your ability to set them in motion.
  • Learn strategies for turning your ideas into concrete actions and real possibilities.
  • Learn how to take up innovative ideas and how to move them ahead.

Perfect for

  • People interested in taking up innovative ideas and creating development plans that will become real, specific actions towards meeting set goals.


In today's world, innovation presents itself as a necessity due to the extensive diversity of ideas and alternatives emanating out of globalization. There are so many companies that have gone global, and so many new trends emerging from a new form of communication that includes not only changes in technology but in relationships and culture as well.

The art of creating:

Creativity is one of the chief tools humans possess, it is the ability to recreate reality and enrich it with new alternatives and proposals. Thus, it is not only knowledge in and of itself that we need to innovate, it must go hand in hand together with creativity. However, for creativity to be innovative it must contribute something that is new to others, otherwise it will just be an idea that easily loses its value. We are all creative, but the real secret is to know how to channel that creativity into novel ideas that contribute something of value to others as well.

Agents of change:

Through proactive language you will be able to recognize and explore the skill of creating, and all the ideas that could just be the spark that leads to new projects. Moreover, by appreciating the creative process you will then be able to explore all of your creative and entrepreneurial skills to take your own ideas to the next level of concrete action. In this sense, each person is acknowledge as an agent of change, the protagonist of their own ideas, capable of generating ideas of value that end in success and positive changes.

This new paradigm is aimed at generating the initiative to develop innovative leaders who adopt new ideas, and use their critical thinking and creativity to enhance them and put them to use and improve results, solve problems and improve situations.

This course will show you how to take the next step, to leave doubt behind and look beyond the impossible. It asks you to take your hopes and dreams and transform them into proactive and concrete actions.

  • Did you know?:

    The first boats that were created by mankind were made of wood, which continued for centuries because they were convinced that it was the wood itself, the very material used, that made them float. However, Archimedes with his great knowledge and creativity discovered that what made boats float wasn't their material, but rather how they were designed. And he set about implementing an innovation that allowed the construction of boats with other stronger materials. This is just one example of an innovation and how far it can carry us.

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