How to restore your team's optimism

Mapping Optimism Express: A workshop to restore your team’s motivation

While designing Mapping Optimism, our main intention was to put in place a process that would alleviate the negative impacts that work teams, and ultimately companies, have experienced because of the pandemic. This workshop therefore focuses on improving the emotional and mental well-being of such teams.

Companies are now seeking to:

  • Alleviate the effects of switching to remote work by promoting their teams’ psychological well-being and reconciling the different areas of life in one same place.
  • Maintain their teams’ motivation and increase their productivity.
  • Enhance individual and collective confidence in reaching the company’s goals.

 optimism in a remote team

Featuring: Mapping Optimism Express

To meet these objectives, we’ve designed a workshop with a tremendous potential to stimulate optimistic feelings, motivation and confidence to build the desired future of the company.

Revitalization Express is a short, one and a half hour workshop for groups of up to 15 people. This new and unique methodology has been designed and facilitated by Managing Virtual Teams’ expert psychologists.

This workshop’s goal is to:

  • Appreciate and recognize each person’s contribution to the company.
  • Connect with their strengths, skills and abilities to face challenges.
  • Offer a space to re-activate optimistic feelings, motivation and confidence in the future.

Recognizing the personal and collective resources in personal stories makes it possible for team learning and empowering to emerge.



Why choose this workshop and what can you achieve?
  • Your teams’ productivity will increase once they’re motivated and can perceive the future with optimism.
  • Addressing, recognizing and honoring emotions and daily challenges will make your team better prepared to change, grow and improve.
  • Sharing common experiences enhances the collective potential to create stronger ties and build a better organizational climate.
  • Recognizing individual and collective contributions to the company’s sustainability and success reinforces the team’s confidence in its abilities to achieve desired goals.
  • The shared experience encourages the perception of the team as a whole, or as a gear that keeps the company moving forward.
Workshop structure

The program is composed of three central moments that allow a powerful but careful exploration of the team’s stories and experiences within the company, with a major focus on the work environment: