Need to engage your clients or connect with prospects? Improve your team’s mood or capture media attention? Host a virtual party! It's the smart way to go! We will organize it for you! 

End-to-end service

You have clearly defined goals, and a virtual party can help achieve them. From the initial meeting--where you tell us about your needs--to the actual event, we handle every aspect so your party can be an outstanding success!

Here are a few great ideas:

  • The virtual press conference: Surprise the media with a "different" press conference. Get them to talk about your company, its new product or the start of your new marketing campaign!
  • A virtual party for the product launch: Create media buzz to coincide with your newest product release. The media will love it!
  • An online customer appreciation party: Now that you've won a new customer, you'll want to keep the orders coming. So, hold a virtual event exclusively for the client, and really let them know how much you appreciate the relationship!
  • The VIP virtual event: An exclusive VIP party is a great way to make your best customers feel special. Use the event to sneak-preview products or hold a private sale.
  • A "happy anniversary" party: Organize a virtual celebration with your clients to increase their loyalty, or invite your employees as a special thank-you for their efforts.
  • The online award ceremony: Celebrate a milestone together with your collaborators, or improve employee morale by holding an award ceremony complete with gifts and surprises.
  • A virtual holiday party: Invite your employees to a virtual Christmas party featuring "secret Santa" and other online activities. You can also throw great virtual parties for clients, media, prospective customers, etc. The possibilities are practically endless!
  • Virtual board and shareholder meetings: Take teleconferencing to the next level with the powerful interaction of a virtual event. Simply tell us your objectives, and we'll suggest ways for you to achieve them.
  • Webinars: Improve your webinars with a few tips . . . and make them virtually foolproof!
  • An online charity auction: Support a good cause as you highlight your brand and build media interest.
  • The online sports/videogame tournament: Reward your employees with fun activities and, in the process, raise money for a good cause.
  • Online networking: Establish new contacts with an online networking event. The more people you know, the more new clients, partners and vendors you can have!


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