How to Carry Out Strategic Planning

How to Carry Out Strategic Planning How to Carry Out Strategic Planning
Length: 3 hours
Price: $240


  • At the end of this course you will have the knowledge needed to properly implement strategic planning in your virtual work team, from shaping its structure to the concrete strategies and actions for achieving the desired objectives.


  • Document a strategic plan that meets the needs of your company and is specific to its current context.
  • Define the structure of your company and target it to specific objectives, strategies and real actions.

Perfect for

People interested in:

  • Improving the status of their projects.
  • Taking on projects and defining the objectives and goals for them.
  • Planning real, specific actions and strategies for meeting desired expectations.


Through this course, you will learn everything you need to know to create and develop your company's strategic planning, and with it drive your objectives to real, effective action.

The Structure:

The success of a company depends on having clearly defined the things that will form the foundation and structure of the company. It is advisable when setting out on this task to first make a situational assessment of the company at the internal as well as external level, to detect the current status of the company. With this information in hand, you will be ready to make a plan according to context that meets the needs of your company.

The Procedure:

Strategic planning is done by following a series of steps that will lead to some concrete actions, but for this you will need a solid structure to stand on that includes the history, vision and mission of the company. Thus, these three elements will inform the construction of the company's base, as they contain the identity, scope and service of the company, which together comprise the company's purpose. Once a solid foundation on which to plan is formed, we can go on to the next steps in the process including setting objectives, strategies and actions, which will naturally incorporate the base that was constructed initially.

Strategic planning will allow you to:

  • Achieve better results in line with the company's objectives
  • Strengthen identity and sense of belonging
  • Improve the virtual team's structure and direction
  • Create effective strategies and actions
  • Did you know?:

    Making a strategic plan helps to generate real actions focused on the objectives of a project, and staying in line with the identity of the company or organization. It allows the meeting of goals in line with the company's vision and mission, making consistency possible between the company's outlook and its reality.

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