Online Company Events: The Main Ingredient to Keeping Your Company Culture

Working remotely separates us by default. What was typically warm communication in an office turns into quick communication that can lead to misunderstandings. A lack of trust is one of the first elements to appear. Team members don’t know each other as well and can’t see what others are doing or thinking, so cracks start to appear. One of the best ways to rebuild your company culture is to create regular online company events.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Social Interactions

If your team is used to regular face-to-face meetings, after-work activities, birthday parties, and so on, they’re going to miss that interaction. It’s your duty to not let those events that bring people together disappear. The social aspect of work is key to employee motivation. Even in teams made up of introverts, knowing that you’re part of a team is a big motivational driver.

Use Company-Wide and Project-Based Activities

Don’t put all the pressure for organizing these activities on team leads and team managers. They must be planned at that level, but you’ll also need to organize company-wide activities to reconnect employees with the higher purpose of the company, so that they can see the big picture. This will also help create synergy with other departments.

Bring the Events That Already Worked into the Online Office

If your company was previously office based or if you previously worked in an office, take the events that were already working and translate them to the online world. This isn’t going to be a literal translation, though. You’ll need to maximize and exaggerate some aspects to make them work.

Here are a couple of examples:


  • You’ll want to make sure that the opening of the event really sets the tone. For that, you’ll need to make sure that everybody has a voice. Or, if it’s a mass event, you’ll want to open with a big bang to get and keep people’s attention.
  • The same applies to the end, so make sure you end on a high note. Preparing events isn’t always easy. That’s why we have a course that will help you master the preparation for and execution of online activities.