Selection Process: The new virtual hiring pipeline

Selection Process: The new virtual hiring pipeline Selection Process: The new virtual hiring pipeline
Length: 4 hours
Price: $320


  • At the end of the course, you will have the necessary tools for a first-rate personnel selection process where each step plays a key part in getting the best results and the right professionals to work on your virtual team, with factors that allow you to humanize the online experience.


  • Learn an innovative way of conducting the personnel selection process that brings you the best results and the right team.
  • Get to know tools that will make the Internet an easy, reliable choice to meet your recruiting needs.
  • Study practical examples that will enable you map out a recruitment plan that includes all the steps to make it as effective as possible.

Perfect for

  • Companies, coordinators or people in charge of human resources who are working in virtual work team management, particularly in online personnel selection tasks.


The process of selecting virtual personnel involves some special features, particularly where it lacks the ease of face to face contact. In the online world, people must rely on other means of gaining proximity to one another. A series of tools are available that make it possible to go beyond merely reviewing the person's portfolio, and establish a relationship with the employee from the very outset of the process through an innovative proposal that works to humanize the medium.

With this course you will learn about strategies you can use in the process of personnel selection that allow you to select professional people that fit in with the philosophy of your company. It's not just the company that is getting to know the potential employee, from their very first contact the employee is also looking at the company, and a two-way relationship is in the making. Some of the information that can exchange hands in that company <-> relationship includes:

  • The type of company and philosophy
  • Organization model
  • Expectations on both sides
  • Interests and profile of the candidate for the position
  • Conditions of the job offer
  • Ground rules
  • Confirmation and results of the Selection process

This will ensure that there is a deeper mutual understanding, and the information that gets shared will be of greater value, when the employee is allowed to complement his knowledge of specific duties by getting an idea of the project as a whole and the company. This way, the employee can better understand and see the context of the job being done and find ways to optimize it.

You will learn about the particular case of one company that has used the model described above, and you will be able to identify how a project's future is dependent on the people working on the team and the type of relations they manage to establish with one another at the outset, in terms of:

  • Respect
  • Trust
  • Communication
  • Active participation and listening
  • Commitment
  • Responsibility
  • Consistency

You will also learn useful tips for carrying out your personnel search virtually, and the best way to go about this important step. You will learn the procedure to follow for conducting a personnel selection process which entails these steps:

  • Shaping job descriptions according to the project.
  • Characteristics of personnel according to the talents needed and the company identity.
  • Searching and filters in the selection process.
  • Preparing a rough outline for the interview or plotting it in detail, depending on the case of the project.
  • Script of questions to guide and enrich the session and organize the meeting.
  • Key points in the meeting (Greeting, body, questions and closing).
  • Essential factors to consider for the interview (Tone of voice, cordiality, timely information, participation, etc).
  • Did you know?:

    Did you know that locating the best talent online requires more than simply looking at a person's portfolio or résumé? There are a series of tools that allow you to find out more than what can be listed on a résumé, and establish more direct contact with recruitment candidates. This is the only way to ensure the best results and a virtual team comprised of top notch professionals.

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