Evaluation of Personnel and Performance: Tracking the Team

Evaluation of Personnel and Performance: Tracking the Team Evaluation of Personnel and Performance: Tracking the Team
Length: 2 hours
Price: $240


  • At the end of this course, you will have useful tools that will allow you to create and implement a personnel and performance evaluation applicable to your company and work team in particular. This way, you will come to know the aspects and factors to look at to gain valuable information.


  • Learn to create and implement personnel and performance evaluation adapted to the context of your company and virtual work team.
  • Get to know useful tools to systematize the results of evaluations and put them to better use.

Perfect for

People interested in:

  • Improving the state of their teams through the evaluation of company personnel.
  • Updating and providing feedback to the project process in the work team.
  • Creating and planning useful and efficient strategies that fit the current context of the company and the changes that arise over time.


For projects to be effective and to keep useful information, it is important to conduct evaluations of personnel and have an up to date perspective on the current status of the processes and team of your company. This way, the work strategies implemented in the team will be set in context and meet the team's needs.

The personnel and performance evaluation looking at both projects and work teams creates a feedback process that is necessary to detect elements that:

  • Are failing and need correction
  • Are working and should be kept
  • Are working but could be improved
  • Are not working and should be eliminated or replaced

In this course, you will learn to carry out an effective personnel and performance evaluation within your team, something that should be done at least twice a year and at least once in shorter projects, as it is a tool that allows:

  • Gathering of information about the team status
  • Identifying the status of projects
  • Implementing changes necessary to improve quality and results
  • Updating necessary information including the goals and objectives
  • Touching up work tools to meet the current needs of the project and the team
  • Implementing the necessary changes that need to be made considering the needs of the projects and the work teams.

It is normal often times for paperwork on projects to be left blank, in other words, it is whittled down to just the brass tacks of experience while conceptually there is no elaboration of any theoretical or methodological information at all, letting a great deal of valuable information produced during the team's day to day experience go to waste. The performance evaluation is also a means of:

  • Recording the opinion, experience, perceptions and proposals of the team.
  • Gathering and documenting valuable information that emerges out of the team's experience.
  • Improving knowledge on the operation and roles of the team, and identifying what aspects stand to be improved.
  • Prompting communication in the team and knowing about its operation and performance.
  • Did you know?:

    Did you know that doing a personnel and performance evaluation can give you an overview of how your team and the company are working? The information that you can gather will give you more in depth knowledge about the team and the status of projects, putting within reach the ability to implement useful, real strategies in your team.

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