Managing Online Work Teams

Managing Online Work Teams Managing Online Work Teams
Length: 3 hours
Price: $320


  • Familiarize new-comers with the virtual working world and its dynamic.
  • Get to know the advantages and challenges of virtual or remote working.
  • Provide useful tools for managing people who do their work remotely or virtually.


  • Learn effective, practical strategies for managing online work teams.
  • Discover what immense advantages virtual teams offer, and why this new way of working is a great option for your company.

Perfect for

  • People interested in working with virtual or remote teams. Those who wish to acquaint themselves with this new method of work. Anyone in need of basic information on the operation of virtual and remote work teams, particularly the work dynamics of working outside of a physical office.


This course will allow you to get acquainted with relevant information that you need if you are interested or working in online work team management.

You will be able to identify:

  • The general characteristics of online teams.
  • The different work dynamics.
  • Different alternatives for virtual organization and connection.
  • Recommendations on how to channel the efforts of a virtual team towards a common objective.

You will be able to identify:

  • Practical, real-life strategies for managing online work teams in an effective, positive way and getting the best results on projects and team comfort level.
  • Useful and motivational tools for developing the skills of your virtual team.
  • Resources you can use to deal with new methods of virtual connection.
  • The advantages and opportunities of virtual working, mobilizing the full resource presented by this new work and people connecting modality, and getting the most out of this innovative system for organizing work teams.

You will be aware of:

  • The full potential and resource that virtual relations hold for transforming how we correspond and socialize, and as an exceptional work option that will allow your organization to save money, time and energy.
  • The most commonly faced challenges in this work mode. You may also come by creative workarounds and practical advice on overcoming these types of challenges, and turning obstacles into resources in the virtual work process.
  • Did you know?:
    • Online work teams let you save money and contribute to the environment.
    • The relaxed constraints on time and space will give you and your team more control over your work and life, and autonomy to decide your own schedule and workplace.
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