Affective Commitment: The Emotional Salary

Affective Commitment: The Emotional Salary Affective Commitment: The Emotional Salary
Length: 3 hours
Price: $320


  • Improve the affective commitment in the team.
  • Identify the emotional salary and effective tools to implement it in the team.


  • Learn some guidelines and recommendations for improving the emotional salary of your virtual work team, and keeping strong positive emotional motivation and affective commitment in the team.

Perfect for

  • Team leaders and people interested in looking out for and maintaining the health of their team members through effective, lasting strategies.


This course underscores the importance of affective commitment and emotional salary to a virtual work team. Certainly, the economic compensation for work is important, besides providing the basic necessities in life it also helps each person pursue the kind of lifestyle that matches their interests. Yet, money is not the only relevant factor to why people work. There are a number of motivations other than necessarily material ones, and attending to these can produce amazing results.

This emotional salary figures among other types of benefits that are occasionally even more important than money. Take finding a place where one can freely develop their individual talents, benefit from flexibility of time and space, etc. Emotional benefits like these form the basis upon which a person goes about building affective commitment, a factor of great importance understood as the capacity for commitment, responsibility and trust, that is built around the company, remaining strong and withstanding even the times of crisis it encounters.

Thus, it is this affective commitment that helps keep teams sustainable with a high level of commitment and sense of belonging.

The golden rule in the working world is to "be happy in your work," after a good income it is the next best thing. This will bring you:

  • Better results
  • Greater trust in yourself and in your work relations
  • The ability to develop human potential
  • Sustainable teams on projects
  • A greater identity and sense of belonging of the team with the company
  • Excellent working environment
  • Physical and emotional health
  • Decreased levels of stress
  • Did you know?:

    Did you know that happiness produces natural endorphins that cause comfort and well-being? When work is combined with happiness, a person is much more active, healthy and becomes more committed in what they do.

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