Goal setting: Efficient, valuable ways to improve results within a company, project or work team

Goal setting: Efficient, valuable ways to improve results within a company, project or work team Goal setting: Efficient, valuable ways to improve results within a company, project or work team
Length: 4 hours
Price: $420


  • Introduction of the working by objectives methodology.
  • Learn tools and strategies for achieving the best results in your company, project or team.
  • Learn different alternatives and specific advice for putting this methodology to work.


  • Do what we propose and you can improve the results of your projects.
  • You can fix your project objectives to specific goals.

Perfect for

  • Managers who are losing time, money and energy by falling short of their expected results. Bosses who see their team losing motivation by falling short of desired expectations. People who are starting up a virtual team.


Are you tired of not getting the results you hoped for on your projects, or never improving on them? With this course, you will learn an innovative methodology that focuses on setting goals and meeting objectives, allowing you to improve results and keep your project expectations always within reach.

With this course, you will learn to:

  • Set objectives that are consistent with the needs and context of your company and your projects.
  • Set define firm and precise goals at the individual and team level, channeling all of its skills and potential towards common objectives.

Through practical activities, you will be able to:

  • Recognize and underscore specific actions that can be taken by work teams to mobilize their full human and professional potential, with an eye to improving results and procedures in the working environment.
  • Build effective strategies for organizing and managing the virtual work team, providing you valuable tools to improve results, quality and work conditions.
  • Identify different ways to fix projects objectives to real goals and achievable planning, starting with the general objectives, and moving to specific objectives that involve both the team objectives and individual objectives. You will learn to recognize efficient and valuable tools to get your work team straight to its objectives using a human, proactive, participative and efficient approach.

Through this course, you will learn a new scheme that rethinks work from a human approach and encourages that all set goals and objectives be met. The power of a united team is what puts it in a position to achieve the impossible.

  • Did you know?:
    • Working by goals makes it possible for you to manage results better and achieve them more easily.
    • Setting goals strengthen the teamwork, synergy and motivation in daily work so it's a win-win.
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