Expert in the creation and implementation of strategies to improve the organizational culture and climate for virtual teams. Creator and facilitator of courses and workshops focused on humanizing the virtual environment and activating the remote teams’ motivation—vital elements for reaching the expected results and improving productivity.

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Anna will provide you with the tools that help strengthen online teams of workers. A firm believer in the power of well-managed virtual teams. Specializes in communication, leadership and motivation. Her experience working in the United States, Asia, and Europe brings the added advantage of understanding the ways of working on those three continents.

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Psychologist; expert in systemic consulting for organizations.
Systemic consultant. Expert in the design and execution of strategies for organizational change and the psychological wellness of work teams. Facilitator of virtual meeting spaces that promote better emotional contexts and collaborative relationships. A confident proponent of building joint and tailor-made solutions for more humane, productive work environments characterized by shared commitment and responsibility.

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Expert in virtual events.
Virtual event leader. Expert in organizing and conducting social and corporate events that generate unforgettable experiences and great impact. My main objective is to create, together with the client, a unique style of event, from its preparation to its execution, in such a way that your attendees enjoy indelible moments that later become great anecdotes. In charge of expressing the ideas and leading the client by the hand in the activities to be organized. We look for alternatives that meet the ideals of a virtual medium.

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Psychologist; ; expert in crisis intervention and personal development processes.
Member of the MVT psychologist network for the improvement of the mental and emotional wellness of your virtual team. Has experience in accompanying individuals, couples, and families through processes, whether or not these are part of emotional crises generated by specific events. Expert at facilitating individual and group transformation processes focused on personal development.

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