Ana Carolina Saavedra




“Happiness and well-being come from within, being in the here and now, they make peace with the past and act for the future.”
Ana Carolina Saavedra. Positive psychology trainer & happiness coach.

Experience in:
  • Carrying out diagnoses for adequate interventions in companies
  • Designing and facilitating leadership workshops
  • Designing and facilitating workshops for the development of soft skills
  • Designing and facilitating workshops for the development of self-awareness, mindfulness, and happiness
  • Life coaching processes with companies and individuals
  • Executive coaching processes with companies as an independent contractor
  • Team coaching using the ARL methodology and positive communication tools
  • Online training, developing connections, and creating an adequate learning processes
  • Facilitating small- and large-scale workshops
  • Achieving cohesion and greater communication in management teams for better organizational results
  • Developing leadership models, competencies, and culture, created in conjunction with the leaders of the company to benefit the company’s performance
  • Consulting in selection processes and development programs

Expertise in:
  • Positive psychology
  • Mindfulness
  • The science of happiness
  • Leadership
  • The development of soft skills
  • Team coaching
  • Executive coaching
  • Life coaching
  • The creation of positive conversation scenarios
  • Investigation and the creation of new content
  • Team diagnoses
  • Degree in Psychology from Javeriana University (Bogotá, Colombia), 2008
  • Team Coaching Certification from LIM International (Mexico City, Mexico), 2014
  • Neurolinguistic Coaching Certification from HCN World (Mexico City, Mexico), 2015
  • Practitioner and Trainer in Microexpressions from Center for Body Language, 2015
  • The Science of Happiness from UC Berkeley, 2016
  • WholeBeing Happiness from the Wholebeing Institute, 2017
  • Mindfulness MAPS from UCLA, 2017
  • Certified DISC Trainer from Wiley/Ology, 2019
  • Happiness and Mindfulness Coach and Trainer from UC Berkeley/Happitude, 2020

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