Anna Danes Boix




“The best remote teams have the same things in common: they are mindful about their processes and communication, and they put people first.”
Anna Danés. Remote teams expert.

Expert in:
  • Hiring for remote.
  • Onboarding remote team members.
  • Motivation in the virtual office.
  • Promoting team work.
  • Empowerment.
  • Multicultural teams.
  • Software engineering remote teams.
  • Outsourcing to remote.
  • Soft skills for remote teams.
  • Transitioning to a remote office.
  • Hybrid work environments.
  • Building the new remote workplace.
  • Team dynamics.
  • Providing online training.
  • Operations for remote teams.
  • "Remote work is here to stay". Universitat Oberta de Catalunya Alumni 2020.
  • "Creating Trust and Relationship in the Remote Environment". Putting people first Conference CITF 2020.
  • "How to have successful online meetings" CITF Webinar (UK) 2020.
  • "Successful remote teams". Universitat Oberta de Catalunya Alumni 2019.
  • "How to work with clients you’ve never met in person" Webcamp Zagreb 2015.
  • "Managing Successful Virtual Teams" ACE! Poland 2015.
  • "Engagement techniques. How to get people engaged and motivated?" NDC Oslo 2015.
  • "Keys to managing a successful distributed team" Agile Adria and Agilia Brno 2015.

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