Motivating Employees with Positive Motivation

Motivating Employees with Positive Motivation Motivating Employees with Positive Motivation
Length: 4 hours
Price: $420


  • Learn proactive strategies for motivating virtual or remote teams.
  • Define and recognize different motivation types.
  • Learn the power of  positive motivation and its advantages.
  • Discover tools that will help you motivate your team.


  • Identify your virtual work team's current state of motivation, and in what ways you can enhance this vital element in the work environment.
  • Adapt the positive employee motivation techniques. to the characteristics of each individual, team and project.
  • Keeping in mind the important role of team leaders, the way they turn the team out and perform their duties influences the motivation of the people they work with, and contributes to stimulating positive motivation on the job.

Perfect for

  • Team leaders who need to improve their teams' motivation. People who are unfamiliar with tools to motivate a virtual team. Workers and Team Leaders who wish to acquaint themselves with positive motivation and learn about specific materials to use with their team.


Do you need to motivate your employees? Is your work team unmotivated? Do your people produce good results but you feel they could do better? Do you feel like your team is struggling with too much routine and have lost motivation in their work? Or would you simply like to maintain, improve and strengthen your work team's motivation? Then we have the solution, with this course on Positive Motivation Techniques you will find out about and learn proactive strategies to motivate your virtual work teams.

Motivation is the fuel of life, and with it people mobilize their potential to reach the goals they set for themselves. This course will let you get acquainted with motivating employees as a concept, and go in depth on its importance to the work team, both to achieving the objectives of your projects and to maintaining an excellent virtual work environment, where you are a vital part of the circle of motivation, counted on to spark the chain of motivation and spread it to the people around you.

You will learn the different types of employee motivation and identify the current motivation level of your work team, reviewing which members of your team are thriving and which ones could use more attention. Moreover, you will learn how to keep a balance between the types of motivation and combine the tools each one offers in order to develop and strengthen the motivation of your virtual work team.

You will become familiar with the concept of Positive Motivation, which represents an excellent alternative for keeping your group motivated and happy with their job. Some of the many advantages this type of motivation offers are:

  • Generating wellbeing and comfort.
  • Increasing security
  • Strengthens trust and commitment
  • Produces a healthy, pleasant work environment
  • Fosters trust between team members

You will know the principles and techniques of positive employee motivation and how to implement them in your work team effectively and firmly, picking up guidelines and recommendations that can be applied to your specific situation regarding projects. Furthermore, you will learn how to personalize strategies to motivate your team, recognizing the diversity and richness in play in a multicultural team and the full resource that can be brought to bear in creating a healthy, pleasant work environment.


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  • Did you know?:
    • Did you know that if a person is motivated, he or she can bring to bear much more of their personal and job-related skills and potential? If a person is happy in their work, their performance will be much greater, leading to much better overall results.
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