Make it Rain

Additional Info

  • Hours: 30min - 1h
  • Participants: More than 10
  • Methodology: Face to face
  • Objectives:

    Entertain your team and have a good time with each other.

  • Procedure:
    • Have the group sit in a circle

    • Start with a few people in the circle and ask them to follow you as you do the following actions.

    • Make your way around the circle. And when you get back to the first group, do the next action on the list:

      • rub your hands together
      • snap your fingers
      • clap your hands
      • slap your thighs
      • stomp your feet
      • slap your thighs
      • clap your hands
      • snap your fingers
      • rub your hands
      • rest your hands on lap
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