How to Promote Internal Communications in a Virtual Office

How to Promote Internal Communications in a Virtual Office How to Promote Internal Communications in a Virtual Office
Length: 2 hours
Price: $240


  • At the end of this course you will have the tools needed to promote internal communication in your team, and implement some strategies that are helpful and useful for communications in the virtual setting.


  • Become aware of the obstacles and barriers that affect your virtual team, and might be holding back its proper communication. This knowledge will enable you to generate strategies that help overcome them, and make internal communications smoother.
  • Learn how to encourage bridges of communication at all levels of your company.

Perfect for

  • Team leaders and people interested in improving their communication skills to achieve better working and interpersonal relations, improve teamwork, increase synergy, strengthen the feedback process and increase participation and active listening in virtual work teams.


Internal communication among virtual teams entails certain special aspects. Because there is no face time, people are faced with many challenges in the forms of communication. Today there are many tools that, although not replacing physical contact, do allow the members of a virtual team to interact with one another.

This course will go into detail about topics such as:

  • Promoting bridges of internal communication at all levels of the company
  • Tools for communicating virtually
  • Assertive and bidirectional communication
  • Active participation and listening

Internal communication is a key element that teams rely on to:

  • Reach objectives
  • Produce improved results
  • Promote synergy and teamwork
  • Offer and receive useful feedback
  • Maintain harmony and a common language across the team
  • Foster well-being and enthusiasm in the work environment

Not only was the course helpful, it was inspiring and gave me a new vision for my organization's communication future.
Megan West, Digital Communications Manager. Private Academic Library Network of Indiana (PALNI)

  • Did you know?:

    Did you know that by promoting communication at all levels of a company it can help bring better results and understanding of the company? Communication is a key element that serves to restore the voice of all members of the work team and makes everybody’s job better and richer.

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