How to Avoid Rumblings in your Team: teambuilding and employee motivation

How to Avoid Rumblings in your Team: teambuilding and employee motivation How to Avoid Rumblings in your Team: teambuilding and employee motivation
Length: 3 hours
Price: $360


  • Transform your work team's rumblings into proactive voices.
  • Improve the work dynamic on your virtual team with strategies that get to the root of the problem and the cause of the rumblings.


  • Learn to introduce effective solutions and changes in the work team.
  • Learn how to create a prevention plan against work team rumblings that hold the team back and keep it from meeting expectations.
  • Improve the company motivation by establishing optimum, effective work dynamics for both the team as well as the company.

Perfect for

  • Team leaders or people who manage virtual work teams and perceive a lack of motivation in their teams. This course will allow them to detect the key points and to maximize the positive motivation of their team to produce improved results.


As work teams gain experience working together, they generate their own status quo, and take on their own work dynamics and standards which in turn generate some specific patterns that tend to remain the same. In addition, this status quo may entail dynamics that are not always conducive to working, and could lead to certain issues arising in the team that manifest themselves as "rumblings" hanging around that are not always positive for the job. These kinds of rumblings produce certain effects like poor results, goals going unmet, poor communication, lack of security and trust, problems with the employee’s motivation, and others.

What to do?

To avoiding these kinds of rumblings one must take note of the current team dynamics and patterns that have taken hold and even become second nature. On one hand, it may include positive aspects that have turned out useful to the team dynamic, but could still spur on certain issues capable of affecting the team, its output and the employee's motivation.

Innovative Proposal:

The proposal of this course will show you how to maintain and reinforce the positive aspects of work dynamics and employee motivation, but also promotes detecting the key aspects that might be damaging to the team in order to confront them, and generate solutions and alternatives to help turn the rumblings into proactive voices that can enhance the team dynamic. It's important to consider that at the beginning, when introducing some change into a team that already has its own status quo, it is highly feasible that the change will be met with resistance from the team. This course will provide you some tools to help you navigate the resistance to change, which will make the solution you propose more effective, to ensure the change is effective.

Prevention Plan:

Another important element of this proposal involves creating a prevention plan against rumblings, this way you can prevent them from turning up again further down the line. Changing the dynamic once is not enough, it's important to stand ready for any instance where the team tries to return to its old status quo. This way, you can reinforce the changes effected without running the risk of the rumblings rearing up again.

  • Did you know?:

    Did you know that when you introduce a change to a human system, it has the tendency to generate resistance to the change? The best way to overcome that resistance is to create changes that are sufficient in scope and durability to be effective.

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