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Activate the connection between team members.

Virtual Roundtable is a creative way for team member to see each other during conference calls. Download the Virtual Roundtable template where you can drop in profile photos of all the team members attending your virtual meeting. You can also add team members' names, geographic location, title, or any other helpful information to the table. Encourage team ...

Care for the team's health and give them a comfortable environment to reduce stress.

This game will appear to begin as a competition, but later on evolves into a collaborative activity. Teams will find value in recognizing what happens as they shift from a competitive mode to a cooperative one. The game itself is simple. For each round of play, groups decide whether to choose Yin or Yang. The scoring will depend on what all of the groups choose: If ...

Empower teams to reach goals and fulfill their potential.

Set UpGroup is given 15-20 minutes to determine the order in which they would kill each other off for food. Each Team member is given a piece of paper with the following conditions: (1) Broken Leg (1) Concussion (1) Lacerated abdomen (*) The rest of the team members have minor cuts and scratches but otherwise okay DirectionsYou are in a plane crash over a ...
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