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I Hereby Recommend...

Additional Info

  • Horas: Less than 30 min
  • Participantes: More than 10
  • Metodología: Virtual or Face to Face
  • Objetivos:

    Enrich the laboral relationship and improve the work dynamic.

  • Materiales:
    • A PC or similar device with conference call capabilities for online collaboration.
    • LinkedIn account for each member
  • Procedimiento:

    This activity is best done whenever a project draws to an end. Creating a recommendation and posting it on each other's LinkedIn profile is a great way to express appreciation for each member of the team.

    • Provide a designated time for everyone to do this.

    • Begin the activity by announcing to the team "We are going to start our meeting by taking a break, but this is a break with a purpose. The purpose is for you to take some time to write a recommendation for one or more of your teammates and post it to their LinkedIn profile."

    • Remind each team member that the recommendations should be short, specific and sincere.

    • If your team works together on a continual basis, do this activity whenever a project reaches certain milestones.
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