Human Resources

Human Resources

Virtual Teamwork

Human Resources / Hours: 4 / Price: 360 $
This course is designed to show you the essential elements that you need to promote virtual teamwork. You will learn the definition of teamwork and specific steps to utilize it properly in your work, such as: Establishing basic ground rules Defining common ...
With this course, you will be able to understand active and assertive communication and its advantages when implemented in virtual work teams. It will allow you to: Improve interpersonal relations Increase the synergy on your work team Build up the process and ...
Do you need to motivate your employees? Is your work team unmotivated? Do your people produce good results but you feel they could do better? Do you feel like your team is struggling with too much routine and have lost motivation in their work? Or would you simply like ...
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"Managing Virtual Teams (MVT) provided workable solutions that could be implemented right away for long term success. I went into the course hoping to grab a few tips and tricks but instead experienced a hands-on workshop that was tailored to my organization's needs." Megan West, Digital Communications Manager. Private Academic Library Network of Indiana (PALNI)

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