Great Egg Drop

Additional Info

  • Hours: 30min - 1h
  • Participants: More than 10
  • Methodology: Face to face
  • Objectives:

    Enrich the laboral relationship and improve the work dynamic.

  • Materials:
    • straws
    • masking tape
    • egg
  • Procedure:
    • Using the materials available, each group should build or make a package that will protect the egg and make it survive a drop of approximately 8 feet.

    • After the group has made their egg package, each group should also make an advertisement (such as a slogan or yell) to describe their egg package.

    • Test the groups’ packages by dropping the eggs at a height of 8 to 10 feet.

    • Then, check if the eggs have been broken or not.

    Discussion Questions:

    1. How did you decide on your strategy?
    2. Who came out as a leader?
    3. Did you brainstorm?
    4. Did anybody just stay on the side or become social loafer? Was everybody involved in the decision-making?
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