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Consultations on managing virtual teams can offer you valuable tools for improving work conditions and the service your company provides.

We help you navigate the world of virtual teams

If you are a business or enterprise that employs virtual employees or remote teams, you’re probably encountering similar problems as many of our clients.

  • Virtual workers require both less and extra care. You don’t have to put a roof over them, and you don’t have to support them with a break room, but you do need to make sure that they are both motivated and doing a good job. MVT one-to-one consulting not only trains your managers and suggests workflows; it also plans and can even direct your team activities.
  • Communications among virtual teams can also be difficult to achieve on your own. MVT has experience designing and implementing workflows, management tools, and communication standards that make your business hum. Invite us to a one-to-one consulting so we can analyze your business.
  • Remote recruitment has its own caveats. If you aren’t putting yourself in a position to succeed in terms of human investment, you’ll struggle. MTV analyzes your processes from beginning to end in order to help you recruit better team members.
  • Training is important not only for new team members, but for old ones. If you need somebody to shadow your trainings, give tips of improvent to trainees and review your materials/methods, MVT one-to-one consulting is for you.
  • Tools and software are here to help us organize projects and communicate, but there are so many! We will help you find the best software for your needs and help you deploy them.

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virtual teamWhat kind of consultation should you look for?

The most convenient consultation with adhere to the following parameters:

  • Experience working in the virtual field and with virtual teams. It should be what is commonly referred to as "the voice of experience" in the field, in other words as much real life experience managing virtual teams, the better to guide people seeking consultation in this area.
  • Personalized and aimed at offering a service that answers the needs of the company seeking consultation.
  • Proactive and facilitates ideas and proposals to help improve your company, and translate into real, concrete actions that respond to the virtual team's current situation and the expectations that are set for it.
  • Current and answers the needs of today's rapidly changing virtual context, offering timely tools to prevent this affecting the virtual team.

When it comes to managing distributed teams, our values are founded on commitment, professionalism and empowerment, always employing transparency and common sense.

We offer you a team of specialists native of the online world that will show you the most effective tools for recruiting virtual teams, managing personnel and how to achieve your business objectives. Learn more about us here.

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"Managing Virtual Teams (MVT) provided workable solutions that could be implemented right away for long term success. I went into the course hoping to grab a few tips and tricks but instead experienced a hands-on workshop that was tailored to my organization's needs." Megan West, Digital Communications Manager. Private Academic Library Network of Indiana (PALNI)

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