Forced Choice

Additional Info

  • Hours: 30min - 1h
  • Participants: More than 10
  • Methodology: Virtual or Face to Face
  • Objectives:

    Care for the team's health and give them a comfortable environment to reduce stress.

  • Materials:

    Laminated identity signs and masking tape

    • Race
    • Gender
    • Socio-economic class
    • Sexual orientation
    • Immigration status
    • Ability/disability status
    • Religion
    • Age
  • Procedure:

    Set Up:
    Post the 8 signs around the perimeter of the room so that they are accessible to the group moving to them. Ask the group to come together to the center of the room for instructions. Overview that there are two parts to this activity. One is a silent/reflective part when we are together in the center of the room and one is a sharing part once everyone has made a choice for that statement.

    Facilitating process: Explain that you are going to read a statement that they will choose one of the 8 parts of their identity to complete it. Each person should be encouraged to self-reflect and choose for themselves where they will go in the room. Emphasize that this is the silent part. Once participants have made a "choice" ask them to share in small groups of 3-4 why they selected that part of their identity to complete the statement. Allow for several minutes of discussion and then ask them to return (silently) to the center of the room. Read aloud another statement and repeat the process above.

    The part of my identity that I am most aware of on a daily basis is_________
    The part of my identity that I am the least aware of on a daily basis is_______
    The part of my identity that was most emphasized in my family growing up was ________
    The part of my identity that I would like to explore further is _________
    The part of my identity that that serves as my primary compass for my work style is ______
    The part of my identity that garners me the most privilege is _______
    The part of my identity that I believe is the most misunderstood by others is_____
    The part of my identity that I feel is difficult to discuss with others who identify differently ______


    1. Discuss what the activity was like to do - people often name that they didn't realize how much they have in common with one another or that they were surprised about how they answered the questions.
    2. Build off of comments that may address that it was difficult, or that participants don't often think about all the parts of their identities
    3. Discuss how thinking about self and what impact our identities has on being an educator, student, leader, team player, etc...
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