Additional Info

  • Hours: 1h - 3h
  • Participants: More than 10
  • Methodology: Virtual or Face to Face
  • Objectives:

    Encourage the team's vision and develop the life project.

  • Materials:

    a PC with webcam or similar device for online collaboration

  • Procedure:

    It is healthy for teams to step back occasionally and look to their future. Doing so will help your team understand its overall target and purpose for being. This activity will help your team members reach some kind of consensus about the team’s ideal future. By envisioning the ideal or best case scenario a team can renew and re-commit to excellence.

    Step One: Have the team identify all the different groups, stakeholders, or responsibilities that are important to its success. List them on a white board.

    Step Two: Divide into pairs and have each select one or two items from the list generated in step one.

    Step Three: Image your team in five years. What is the best case scenario of your team’s interaction and/or relationship with each stakeholder, group, or responsibility. Report back to the full team.

    Step Four: Based on the best scenario reports, have the team draw conclusion about the team’s ideal future. List them on the board. It is this ideal vision that should guide your thinking when the team sets it goals and strategies.

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"Managing Virtual Teams (MVT) provided workable solutions that could be implemented right away for long term success. I went into the course hoping to grab a few tips and tricks but instead experienced a hands-on workshop that was tailored to my organization's needs." Megan West, Digital Communications Manager. Private Academic Library Network of Indiana (PALNI)

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