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Improve the Team Leader's abilities.

This activity is twofold: For teams with a number of newcomers to virtual meetings, team members will learn skills to help them take a leadership role and even run a virtual meeting. For teams more versed in virtual meetings, this game is a chance for team members to share something they are good at. Each team member will lead a short virtual team meeting ...

Strengthen team communication and activate the communication channels.

Set Up On a table, place as many pieces of paper with a pen as you have teams. Have pre-made simple images or "emails" made (example: Heart, Tree, Smilie Face, Star, Stickman, etc.)The players should be divided up into at least two teams with at least five people per team. Teams should have an even amount of players. Directions Have the teams line up in a straight ...

Activate the connection between team members.

Assign team members to form partnerships. Email each partner a different set of illustrated origami instructions. Using verbal communication only, one team member attempts to guide his or her partner through the steps required to create a folded origami sculpture out of an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of paper. The partner receiving the instructions may ask questions, ...
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