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Break the ice with team members and encourage a healthy virtual working environment.

Need a quick, no preparation ice breaker that works like a charm to break the ice in a meeting or training session? Highly adaptable, this ice breaker leads the participants right into the content of your meeting or training class. Here is my one word ice breaker and my suggestions about how to endlessly adapt this ice breaker to your participants' needs. One Word ...

Enrich the laboral relationship and improve the work dynamic.

One volunteer should stand at the platform. The rest of the members should form two vertical lines facing each other on the ground. The volunteer should stand with his or her back to her team and with his or her arms crossed. The rest of the members should provide a stable landing area through their arms. When the catchers are ready, the volunteer should freely ...

Entertain your team and have a good time with each other.

In the performing stage, the team has a clear picture of the team's purpose and is focused on reaching their goal. This is a great time to inject a little fun, and at the same time, provide a way for team members to continue to deepen their relationships. As leader, kick off the idea by beginning a team meeting with a song that has significant meaning for you. ...
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