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Activate the connection between team members.

Virtual Roundtable is a creative way for team member to see each other during conference calls. Download the Virtual Roundtable template where you can drop in profile photos of all the team members attending your virtual meeting. You can also add team members' names, geographic location, title, or any other helpful information to the table. Encourage team ...

Entertain your team and have a good time with each other.

Have the group sit in a circle Start with a few people in the circle and ask them to follow you as you do the following actions. Make your way around the circle. And when you get back to the first group, do the next action on the list: rub your hands together snap your fingers clap your hands slap your thighs stomp your feet slap your thighs clap your ...

Care for the team's health and give them a comfortable environment to reduce stress.

ProcedureThis advanced version of Virtual Q&A deepens the level of self-disclosure and trust among team members. Start your conference call or virtual meeting by asking one or two of these more in-depth questions. VariationsThis activity works well for teams separated by time zones, different work shifts, or other time barriers. Select one or two questions from ...
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