What kinds of virtual jobs are there?

remote work typesEvery day there are more and more virtual workers, and the field of virtual jobs is constantly changing and growing. Its scope is so broad that a Visa or transportation are unnecessary, virtual workers are available from all different geographic locations and time zones. This makes the task of finding professionals of this kind much easier and accessible.

Virtual workers

The option of working via Internet is ever more expansive. Today, it is common for some companies to decide to up and shift its workers onto a virtual platform. Moreover, there are a great deal of people right now who are seeking out the virtual jobs option, offering their professional services via the Internet.

Some of the defining characteristics of virtual workers are:

  • Flexibility: schedule, duration, place and location.
  • Professionals: in all areas and from all cultures.
  • Payment: by the hour, by work volume or by completed objective.
  • Type of contract: freelancer in most of the cases.

Services offered

The areas of work and services covered in the virtual world is always growing. Among the most well known virtual jobs are:

  • Translation
  • Transcription
  • Creating and uploading content for websites
  • Customer Service and support
  • Online marketing: SEO, SEM and SMM strategies
  • Localization and optimization of web pages
  • Website design and programming
  • Article writing
  • Consulting and advising for virtual teams

Why use this kind of service?

The advantages and simplicity offered by work via Internet are:

  • Biggest talent pool: There is greater access to the population and to all types of professionals
  • Professional and multicultural teams: Having a diverse team comes with a wide array of talents and skills.
  • Savings: economically convenient for the company, workers and customers.
  • Different rates: there are services with different rates, what's important is to make sure of the quality you will receive.
  • Quality: Having a diverse and professional team means the quality of work can be characterized as excellent. This point varies according to the rate.
  • Future: Look for the virtual field to carry on with a wide network of opportunities.
  • Environment care: Working online contributes to looking out for the environment by doing away with paper printouts, and also by not using machinery or means of transportation that contaminate.

Things to consider when hiring online workers:

As in the on-site world, the virtual world carries some standards and guidelines that can help us find the best professionals and make them part of the work team. Some advisable points to keep in mind are:

  • Search: Specialized searchers that offer databases of professionals with a variety of characteristics and also help publicize the job opening.
  • Hiring and payment: Websites and platforms that aid in hiring a freelancer and payment for the job done.
  • Profile: Depending on the kind of worker that suits you best, you can select the profile that best fits the project (number of hours, profession, specialty, experience, language, etc.) no matter where the person is.
  • Type of project: From the outset it is important to define and clarify the type of virtual job: characteristics, duration, schedule intensity, objectives and requirements.
  • Conditions and arrangements: This point can help you lay down some basic rules with the virtual workers in order to maintain a good collaboration and ensure completion of the job.